REVIEW | There But For The by Ali Smith

There But For The by Ali Smith

image via Strand

title: There But For The [support an independent bookseller and purchase at Strand]
author: Ali Smith
pages: 236
genre: literary fiction
published: September 2011
source: New York Public Library

One evening, Miles Garth attends a dinner party at the home of Genevieve Lee, and between the main course and dessert, leaves the table, walks upstairs and locks himself in the Lee’s spare bedroom. And refuses to leave. For about a year.

Smith tells the story from the perspective of four individuals with varying relationships with Miles, and through each, the reader is able to assemble a portrait of the man that is Miles Garth, and Smith’s strength lies in her ability to at once create these personal pictures of each character while at the same time examining the themes of separation and connection.

Rubric rating: 7


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