REVIEW | Oracle Night by Paul Auster

Oracle Night by Paul Auster

image via Strand

title: Oracle Night [support an independent bookseller and purchase at Strand]
author: Paul Auster
pages: 243
genre: literary fiction
published: 2003
source: New York Public Library

This was my first time reading Auster and I was impressed. The man KNOWS how to tell a great story. Oracle Night‘s plot is nothing short of brilliantly constructed. It follows author Sidney Orr who, while recovering from an illness that almost killed him, buys a new blue notebook at a neighborhood stationary shop and starts working on a new project. His next nine days are nothing short of bizarre.

Auster’s strength is his ability to create a story so compelling and so riveting…and the last 40 pages are nothing short of genius.

Rubric rating: 8


2 thoughts on “REVIEW | Oracle Night by Paul Auster

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