Fine Art Friday | LJ Lindhurst

On December 17th, I had the privilege of filling in last-minute to shoot the Shop Your Heart Out event thrown by Save a Child’s Heart New York City chapter.  So many creative, talented companies, artisans and artists donated their time, services and money for children in need of live-saving heart surgery.

Two vendors really caught my eye, and today I want to introduce you to the work of LJ Lindhurst, a ridiculously talented photorealistic painter who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

This is the piece that completely drew me in:


Black Dog by LJ Lindhurst / acrylic on canvas / 24 ” X 35″ / 2004

I thought it was a photograph until I looked closer.  Love the way she addresses perspective and captures light and detail. Amazing.  I was *this close* to splurging on it…until I checked out the $900 price tag.  A girl can dream…

Here are a few more of my favorite pieces of hers:


Doll #3 by LJ Lindhurst / acrylic on canvas / 24″ X 36″ / 2007 / SOLD


Pink Plastic Bunny by LJ Lindhurst / acrylic on canvas / 50″ X 66″ / 2001

Oh man.  Both are super creepy but incredibly well executed!  Loving her aesthetic.

Her signed prints are a more affordable way of taking home some of her genius.  I’m seriously considering purchasing the following for my bedroom…maybe as an early 30th birthday present to myself?


Gun #2 by LJ Lindhurst / pigment-based archival print / 16″ X 20″ / $100 + S&H

Lindhurst is definitely one to watch.  Be sure to check out her website and blog to check out what she’s been up to…


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