A favorite midtown lunch spot: Tamarind Tea Room

One of my FAVORITE lunch spots near the office has to be Tamarind Tea Room.  Located on 22nd St between Broadway and Park, this adorable and chic spot is nestled next door to its parent restaurant, the acclaimed Indian restaurant, Tamarind.  I cannot say enough good things!!

Besides tea (obviously), the menu features AMAZING sandwiches and wraps.  My personal favorite is the Saag Paneer Sandwich, which features spiced spinach with homemade paneer cheese and a hint of garlic.  So delicious, especially in this bitter cold we’re experiencing here in NYC!   Each item on the menu also lists a suggested tea pairing.   Prices are also super reasonable:  a sandwich will run you $9-11, and a pot of tea is $5.

And the teas!  They have everything from White Peony to Jasmine Pearl, from Lavender Mint to  Lemon Verbena.  They all sound so good!

The service is amazing; attentive,  knowledgeable and passionate about the food and your experience.  Tamarind Tea Room is the ideal spot to unwind and read during your lunch hour after a hectic morning at the office.


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