In honor of this past weekend’s Australian Open: Tennis Tomes!

Those of you who follow me on twitter may have deduced that, in addition to being a huge book nerd, I’m a huge tennis nerd as well.  Tennis is (usually) such a classy sport!  I LOVE listening to all the players speak so highly of their fellow competitors before, between and after matches!  Everyone is so complimentary and supportive (at least in public).  Also, tennis has the most eclectic bunch of celebrity fans.  Where else can you expect to see LMFAO, Kevin Spacey and Elizabeth Hurley in the same place at the same time (besides in some weird, NyQuil-induced dream…)?

image via Daily Mail UK

image via Daily Mail UK

The level of play at the Australian Open was AWESOME!  Did anyone else see Sloane Stephens come out of NOWHERE and more than hold her own against Serena Williams?!?!?!?  And Wawrinka’s epic 5 set match against Djokovic in the 4th round???  Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling a bit rundown and missed 98% of the men’s final…though, luckily, my internal-tennis-0bsessed-body-clock woke me up this morning in enough time to see the final point of the last set.   CONGRATULATIONS to Women’s Singles Champion Victoria Azarenka and Men’s Singles Champion (and the man who occasionally visits me in my non-NyQuil-induced dreams) Novak Djokovic!!!!!

It’s a long time until the French Open (sniffle sniffle) here are some tennis biographies to tide you over until May…


1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6


One thought on “In honor of this past weekend’s Australian Open: Tennis Tomes!

  1. If there is one Grand Slam I would like to go to, it’s the Australian Open! There is just something special about the people, the weather and the atmosphere down under :).

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