REVIEW | L’Oreal Paris Nail Color in Orange You Jealous?

L'Oreal Paris Nail Color in Orange You Jealous?

L’Oreal Paris Nail Color in Orange You Jealous?

Typically, I am devoted to Essie and OPI‘s polishes (and who wouldn’t be?  Consistent formula. Inventive and on-trend colors. Affordably priced.), but Rite Aid was having a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale on L’Oreal products a couple weeks ago…and I am a sucker for a BO-GO.  Absolute sucker. It’s kind of sad.  This was a justified purchase, though!  I needed to replace my liquid eyeliner, and I’ve been wondering if I could pull off orange nails.  I’m pretty damn pale, and I figured why not try this hue if I only have to pay $2.40 (Oh yeah, you read that right.  At Rite Aid, this polish retails for $5.99, but I get 20% from my Wellness card, and it was half-price on top of that. BOOM.).


My thoughts:  L’Oreal Paris Nail Color in Orange You Jealous?

Color:   It’s a creamy orange with a slightly peachy tone to it.  Not pink enough to be a coral but also not pure/saturated  enough to be a  neon.  As I mentioned, my skin tone is on the lighter side of pale, and I feel like this color didn’t quite suit me as well as I’d hoped.  BUT by mid-summer, after some time in the sun, I feel like it’ll be LOVELY.

Brush:  LOVE the brush.  Reminded me of the brushes in Dior nail polishes, which, IMHO, are the absolute best for DIY manicures.  They’re a bit wider and fuller than other brushes, which allows for a more even application, and would have made the polish feel more expensive…

Formula & Coverage:  …but the formula was a bit streaky and uneven.  It took three coats to get uniform coverage, and even then I felt like it was a bit transparent in places.


Staying power:  I paired it with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Top Coat and the polish lasted 2 1/2 days chip-free.  There was some crackling toward the end of day three (not cute), but other than that, I was impressed.  I’m one of those girls who does dishes, washes my hair, etc so I expect to have to do my nails more than once a week.

Overall:  Great deal for what I paid.  I may steer clear of L’Oreal for pale, pastel shades due to the formula (which is a shame, b/c their new pastel mint green shade is lovely), but I will absolutely take advantage of a BOGO to try out new hues in the future.


What are your favorite spring polishes?  Let me know in the comments!  


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