REVIEW | Essie Nail Polish in Red Nouveau

There is only one thing I love more than a strong, red lip…and that’s a rich, red nail.  It’s really hard to go wrong with red.  No matter your skin tone, there’s a red out there for everyone.  About half of my nail polish collection is comprised of shades of red, and Essie’s Red Nouveau is one of my favorites.

Personally, I think red looks best on short nails.  Long red nails can sometimes unintentionally go from “vamp” to “hooker” in a matter of millimeters.  But then again, I find long nails creepy in general…

My thoughts:  Essie’s Red Nouveau

Color:   It’s a medium red with a warmer tone, just on the edge of brick, but definitely not a brownish red.  Just gorgeous.  I wish I could find this exact shade in a lipstick…

Brush:  Essie’s brushes are on the thinner side, which means more control…

Formula & Coverage:  …but the formula is thinner, which means not only does it take three coats for even coverage, it can run if I’m not super mindful of how much polish is dripping down my brush.  I tend to be a pretty good manicurist, but I am all over the place when I use Essie polishes.  Totally worth it for the colors!  They have the most amazingly broad range of shades!

Staying power:  I paired it with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Top Coat and the polish lasted 3 days chip-free.  No cracking with this polish, but I did experience a bit of chipping near my cuticles…but after three days, that’s to be expected.

Cost:  Essie polishes are on the expensive end of drugstore polishes, ranging from $7-8 a bottle.  But compared with high-end beauty brands that offer the same range and quality, they’re a super affordable option.

Overall:  LOVE.  One of my top five favorite polishes.


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