I’m back!!!

I’m back!  And I’ve missed each and every one of your gorgeous faces!!!

SO MUCH has happened since my last post!!  Here’s why I’ve been absent for too long:

1.  I got a new job!  I left my Educational Sales Associate position at the children’s publisher, and now work as an Elementary Literacy Curriculum Specialist for an educational publisher.  Now I get to spend every day doing my favorite thing:  working with NYC public school teachers!    I LOVE being back in the classroom and teaching adults, but I come home EXHAUSTED most nights, due to being on my feet and ON all day, leading 7 hours of professional development. My body finally seems to be adjusting to my new schedule, and I hope to be back to posting on a far more regular schedule soon…

2.  I went to the beach!  It has been YEARS since I’ve had a proper vacation, and early in July, I was able to spend a weekend in the Outer Banks with my family. (Fine. Not a proper vacation, but at least I saw some sand and surf!)

Sunset over Duck, NC

Sunset over Duck, NC

The beach!

The beach!

Paisley 1

My beautiful niece, Paisley Michele.

3.  In all the bustle and busyness of the past few months,  I also missed my 2nd blogoversary!  (That’s how exhausted I’ve been:  I was too tired to celebrate. Boo to that!)  I’ve been blogging at wine and a book (and formerly at the brunette bibliophile) for 2 years as of July 19th!  Happy (belated) blogoversary to me!

blogoversary graphic


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