REVIEW | Givenchy Le Vernis in Mandarine Bolero

Here in the northeast, summer is hanging on for dear life, much to my chagrin. I WANT TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND SCARVES!  IT’S OCTOBER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  I JUST WANT TO BE LULLED TO SLEEP BY THE CRISP AUTUMN BREEZE!  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???????

**deep breath**gathers self**looks for bright side**

The only benefit to this week’s warm temps is the excuse to break out the bright summer nail polish hues one last time.


One of the nail polish colors I attempted to wear quite a bit over the summer was Givenchy’s Le Vernis in Mandarine Bolero.  My thoughts:

Color:   It’s a warm, creamy orange that swings more toward melon than tangerine.

Brush:  The brush is on the thicker size, but it’s on the short side, so application is a bit easier to control.

Formula & Coverage:  The formula is on the thick side, so two coats is all it takes for nice, even coverage.

Staying power:  The ONLY downside to this polish is the staying power.  I have had ZERO luck getting this polish to stay put for more than 12 hours without chipping, a problem I don’t have with any of my other polishes.  Maybe I need a basecoat?  Or maybe it plays better with a different top coat than the one I use? It’s not like I work with my hands…


Overall:  At $20 a bottle, it’s a lot to invest in a polish that barely makes it through the night.  Unless I stumble upon its topcoat soulmate, I’ll probably search for a Essie/Zoya dupe in a comparable shade or splurge on a Dior or YSL polish before trying Givenchy again.


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