REVIEW | Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique

photo (4)In any given week, my hair can take quite a beating:  I blow dry daily, curl a couple times a week, twirl my hair into a bun when I’m lazy…all this styling does a number on my tresses.  Or did, rather, until I discovered Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique.

Described as a “heat-activated reconstructing milk,” Ciment Thermique is formulated for brittle, damaged hair.  I use this whenever I wear my hair straight, and it leaves my hair smooth, soft, and glossy.  I can’t use it on days when I choose to curl my hair, because the curl just falls.  That said, I have noticed a marked improvement in my hair, specifically in the ends.  The ends used to be super prone to splitting and breakage, especially when my hair was curled…not anymore, or not nearly as much.

The science?  Ciment Thermique contains:

  1. Vita-Ciment®: reconstructing active ingredient that consolidates the core of the hair fibre.
  2. Vita-Topseal: resurfacing active ingredients that replicates the external natural protective layer of the hair fibre.

I lucked out and caught my tube on sale on…I also had dollars, which brought my price down to $25, but it normally, like everything else in Kérastase’s line, runs on the expensive side, at $38.

Overall:  I’ll absolutely repurchase when this tube runs out, but only if I can catch it on sale!


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