Currently Coveting | Goods that Give Back | Janji

If there’s anything that could motivate me to workout more, it would be cute workout gear.  Superficial, I know, but that’s where I am right now.  I have to find my inner runner before I can embrace her, and if cute running clothes are what coaxes her out from the depths of my lazy core, so be it 🙂

So in my search for motivational garb, I happened to catch the founders of Janji on Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC …and was super impressed by their mission!  Not only have they found a way to turn their passion (running) into a business, they’re giving back in a big way. Each article of clothing purchased makes a significant contribution to an area in need.

A few of my favorite pieces:

Purchasing this tee gives three months of clean water to a person in Peru.

Purchasing this tee gives one growing season’s worth of clean water to a Kenyan family.

Purchasing this pullover (with hand-dandy arm pocket, perfect for an iPhone, metrocard and keys), gives a year’s worth of drinking water to a person in Tanzania.

“Purchasing Janji’s Women’s Haiti shorts gives 8 packets of nutritional medicine to a malnourished Haitian childProceeds fund Meds & Food for Kids’ Medika Mamba, a peanut butter based nutritional medicine that can help nurse a severely malnourished child back to full health in just 6 weeks.” (from the Janji website)

Look adorable.  Get your sweat on.  Help others.  #winning


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