The Link List

Here’s what I’ve been reading on the interwebs:

  • Carli Davidson has taken some pretty rad high-speed photos of wet dogs shaking off the water.  I DARE YOU not to smile!
  • Need a reason to laugh?  Check out the blog Reasons My Son Is Crying.  If you’ve ever met a small child, you will find these pics hilarious.
  • Haven’t had a nightmare in a while?  Check out this article about a lake in Tanzania that turns any animal that touches it into stone!
  • Congrats to one of my favorite authors, the supremely talented Claire Vaye Watkins, for winning the Dylan Thomas Prize!
  • Grab yourself a nice glass of giggle water and check out this hotsy-totsy collection of 20s slang, some of which should absolutely make a comeback!  Personal favorites:  ossified (drunk) and jake (alright). As in:  “Everything’s jake. He’s just a bit ossified…too much giggle water!”


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