Currently Coveting | Totally impractical? Check. Seriously chic? Absolutely.

Those who know me best know that practicality doesn’t really factor into many of my fashion decisions.  Exhibit A:  my AWESOME Enzo Angiolini Damus Hooded Over the Knee Boots I scored on sale at DSW a few months ago:

8393190_fpxSo sexy, but not exactly the most practical piece of footwear I’ve ever owned.

True story:  my friend L’s fiance once told me that he could only recall one time in the history of knowing me he had ever seen me in comfortable, practical-looking flats.  Guilty as charged.

Given my predilection for the impractical, it should come as no surprise that I’m really digging the capes as coats trend.  Totally up there in the pantheon of  the impractical:

1)  They’re not warm.  They’re designed to have GIANT HOLES in them, leaving your arms intentionally bare.  That gives you a roughly ten degree window of temperature when wearing a cape would actually be comfortable.

2)  Have you ever tried to wear a purse with a cape?  You either have to wear a cross-body bag under the cape, which necessitates partially undressing every time you need check your phone or grab your metrocard.  Or you can try to maneuver a shoulder bag over the endless artfully draped folds of fabric…and then attempt to keep it from constantly slipping off your shoulder…

But fashion isn’t really only about what a garment does, is it?  It’s about how it looks…and I’m seriously digging the silhouette a well-tailored cape can create.  Here are a few of my favorites:


1. Melton Cape by Warehouse ($134)

2. Rodebjer Cikoria Cape Coat @ Shopbop ($840)

3. MSGM Khaki Wool Cape Jacket @ ($598)

4.  Checked Studio Cape by Zara ($269)

5. Dorothy Perkins Black leather-look piped cape ($110)

Maybe I just need to move somewhere with longer true fall & spring weather patterns…


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