REVIEW | Marchesa Parfum D’Extase Hair Mist


I love Georgina Chapman.  Style-wise, the woman is my spirit animal.  She can do no wrong.  So when Marchesa launched their eponymous perfume, I knew that was exactly the way I wanted to smell (which would be of Iris Flower, Freesia, Black Current, Young Violet Leaves, Lotus Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose Water, Orange Blossom, Iris Root, Ambrox, and Captive Musks, according to the Sephora website).


Now, I accidentally picked up the hair mist, thinking it was body mist…it’s not like I have enough disposable income to buy a separate perfume for my hair!  I don’t know if this puts me in the column of “déclassé” or “ressionista,” but I wore it as if it were body mist, and it worked just fine.  And at $38 for 1.7 oz, it’s less expensive than the $45 body mist, and less than the $85 1.7 oz perfume.  I’m sure there are differences in for formulation between the hair mist and the body mist and the perfume, which warrant the price difference, but purchasing the wrong “mist” is one mistake I don’t regret.  Marchesa has managed to create the perfect spring/summer scent.


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