The Wine and a Book Holiday Gift Guide | Health and Wellness Guru

We all have a friend like her.  You know the type:  the one who would rather take a class at Flywheel than take advantage of a 2 for 1 happy hour at your favorite wine bar.  The one who always looks like she got at least 9 hours of beauty sleep.  The one who runs marathons like it’s her j-o-b (even though her actual j-o-b usually involves something mentally exhausting like law or medicine).  Still shopping for her?  Here are some ideas that are sure to delight your favorite health & wellness guru…
Holiday Gift Guide: Health and Wellness Guru
5. A Blueprint Juice Cleanse (price varies due to length and level of cleanse)
7. Alo Airbrushed Leggings via Nordstrom ($70)
8. Clairsonic Mia2 Detox Kit via Sephora ($150)
9. Virasana Blanket Wrap by lululemon ($148)

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