Hits and Misses from the Golden Globes Red Carpet

I’m not such a voracious consumer of popular culture that I have any business commenting on the outcomes of the Golden Globes.  I haven’t seen most of the movies, and I am embarrassingly behind in watching any of the nominated/buzzed about TV shows.  BUT I always make a point of catching the red carpet, and here’s my take on this year’s hits and misses:


Lupita Nyong’o


For me, Lupita hands-down, no contest WON the red carpet.  The color is perfection against her gorgeous skin.  The cut is high-fashion and super unique without being over-the-top or gauche or too haute couture, exactly what you’d expect from Ralph Lauren.  She’s having an old-Hollywood Audrey Hepburn-esque moment and I am on board in a big way.  FLAWLESS.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie in Gucci

Ummm, damn.  GIRL. LOOKS. GOOD.  The white. The slit.  The fit.  Her body looks sick.  The jewel detailing.  The simple jewelry letting the dress’ detail have its moment.  Margot shut it down and comes in a close second for me.

Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany in Jenny Packham

I have had a crush on this dress since it made its debut in Jenny Packham’s Spring 2014 runway presentation, and Tatiana is making that dress proud.  The berry lip and flapper-inspired side swept coif are really on point.

Kate Beckinsale 


Kate just GLOWS!  Perfection!

Michelle Dockery


Gah.  Michelle always looks so damn elegant and just oozes grace and sophistication.  LOVED her in this Oscar de la Renta gown. The understated color just showed off her glowing complexion beautifully.  Well chosen, Michelle.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

I love a Dior moment, and Jennifer just glows in this gown.  Such a great choice.  I would have gone for a bit of a fresher face and not a statement lip, but she still looks just gorgeous.

Sarah Hyland

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

I’ve read mixed reaction to Sarah’s dress, but I think she really hit the nail on the head with this look.  The cut is super timeless, but the color and back detailing give it a youthful energy and vibrance that is completely spot on.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in Gucci

When my friend Sandy was pregnant, you would have had no idea if you were standing behind her.  Her “maternity” clothes consisted of sizing up to a medium at Zara.  That’s Olivia Wilde.  Pregnancy looks so good on her, and that dress is perfection, especially that color!

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss in J.Mendel

Loving how textural and tactile this geometric J. Mendel gown reads on the carpet.  And it’s very suited to her personality.

Amy Pohler


Amy looked so chic and sophisticated in this really sexy, sleek Stella McCartney number.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Though I find Taylor a bit annoying, I love the way she embraces a red carpet.  Carolina Herrera was a great choice, and she looks so chic.


Amy Adams

Amy AdamsYou were in American Hustle.  You can rock a drop neckline.  We get it.  I feel like I would have liked her more in this dress if the hair had not been so dated.  Fact:  I wore my hair in that exact style to my sophomore ring dance in the late 90s. If she had her hair slicked back into a sleek low bun, or if she had gone for a big bracelet or a statement earring as opposed to a long necklace…just the way she’s put together is too obvious.  I expected more from her.

Zosia Mamet

Zoisa MametNow, Zosia looks phenomenal in the cut of this dress.  The silhouette is super flattering.  It’s the beading/detailing on the dress that I’m just not feeling.  It’s reading a bit geriatric for me…the pattern looks like it belongs on a “mother of the bride” suit, rather than on a red carpet dress.  That said, I am digging her new bob.  I just would have loved to have seen her in something more youthful.

Lena Dunham

slide_331487_3313300_freeI remember Lena having a Zac Posen moment last year that didn’t quite work for me either.  I feel like the color is right, but the cut of the bust isn’t super flattering, and the mermaid skirt makes her look wider than she is.  Maybe if the bust hadn’t been as corseted and the skirt hadn’t been as full…I don’t know.  She’s getting closer, though!  I want a red carpet MOMENT for her.

Emma Watson

Emma WatsonOh man.  So, a few things.  If this were a dress, and not a tunic w/ leggings and suede shoes hybrid thing??? She looks great from the waist up.  I feel like this ensemble is more MTV movie awards and not quite Golden Globes.

Rashida Jones


You had me from the waist up…and lost me at the beaded palm trees…if I could just remove those god-awful palm trees, Rashida would look STUNNING.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese WitherspoonSomething about this look just didn’t grab me.  The color wasn’t bad…it just wasn’t great.  And the cut wasn’t that flattering…not my favorite.

Mila Kunis


Everything is working for me BUT the neck detail…there’s some sort of weird flower applique going on…not digging it.


Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

I don’t even know where to begin.

Guliana Rancic

Guliana Rancic

Between the embroidery and the beading…it felt like a “mother of the bride” dress and a prom dress spawned and dressed Guliana.  Which is a shame, because the color really suits her.

Heidi Klum

slide_331487_3313634_freeNo.  No no no no no no no.  You know better, Heidi!

Zoe Saldana


There is too much happening on this dress. Just too much.

Drew Barrymore

slide_331487_3313631_freeI get that this is a very Drew dress, in that it’s super whimsical and playful…it’s just not speaking to me.

Kristen Chenoweth

slide_331487_3313635_freeI’m not sure if it’s the dress or the makeup, but she looks just looks so much older than she is…and I am such a fan of her and her work!  Disappointing.

I’m turning it over to you:  What were your favorite (or least favorite) looks from the Golden Globes red carpet?  Let me know in the comments!


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