Interior Inspiration | Faux Taxidermy

I found a bit of decor-related inspiration recently while out for a burger with friends.  “Bare” with me:  there’s an adorable growing chain of restaurants in the tri-state area called Bareburger.  Their food is, when not exotic, all-natural, organic, and locally sourced, and they have some of the most amazing hand cut french fries I’ve ever had.  At their Astoria location (the first in the franchise), they also have these adorable faux-taxidermy patterned paper-mache bear heads.  They’re really quite adorable, which you can see on the wall in the photo below:

image via the Bareburger website

image via the Bareburger website

If real taxidermy is your thing, be sure to check out this HILARIOUS post over at The Bloggess.  Personally, I can’t really see myself with any actual dead animal heads hanging from my walls, so these are a super whimsical alternative, courtesy of The Faux Taxidermy Loft:


1. The Yellowstone in Black & Gold ($105)

2. The Nile in Yellow ($125)

3. The Alberta in White & Bronze ($100)

4. The Savannah in Mint & Gold ($125)

5. The Serengeti in White ($125)

How do you feel about these vibrant conversation pieces?  Let me know in the comments!


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