Hits and Misses from the SAG Awards Red Carpet


I LOVE AWARDS SEASON, and this Saturday’s SAG Awards red carpet did not disappoint.  I watched E!’s red carpet coverage, but found myself screaming at the TV “just because its purple doesn’t mean its radiant orchid!” over and over.  Whereas last week’s Golden Globes were all about red, the hero color of the night was blue. There were so many amazing blue moments, from Kathy Griffin to Morena Baccarin to AMY ADAMS, who looked amazing!  Here are my hits and misses:


Amy Adams


YES, Amy Adams!  So much better than last week!  The color is STUNNING on her, the cut is super fashion forward, and her styling is flawless (the hair! the belt!!).  THIS is the Amy I know and love 🙂

Lupita Nyong’o


Gucci.  Love. GAH she looks so fabulous and is SCHOOLING Reese Witherspoon on how to have a teal moment.  I’m loving her in this hue almost as much as I loved her in red last week.  The detail at the neckline is stunning…just so chic!  Congrats to her on her win!

Emilia Clarke

emilia-clarke-sag-awards-2014I think this rose hue is EVERYTHING on Emilia Clarke.  God, I love Calvin Klein.  Did anyone see E!’s red carpet coverage, where Jared Leto held her hostage?  Awkward…

Kathy Griffin


Loving Kathy Griffin in this stunning blue gown…the play on peplum, the slight sleeve, the fit, the styling:  perfection.

Michelle Dockery


Michelle Dockery can do no wrong on a red carpet.  She is just so freakin’ chic!  Her J. Mendel gown is reminiscent of a tuxedo, and is styled perfectly:  the black and white shoes, the neutral eye and statement lip.  FLAWLESS.  Love her.

Katrina Bowden


Loving the retro moment that Katrina Bowden brought to the carpet.  The jewel detail at the top just really elevates the black column below.  Just really chic 🙂

Morena Baccarin

Morena-Baccarin-Monique Lhuillier-SAG-2014

Morena Baccarin looks PHENOMENAL in Monique Lhuillier…I can’t help thinking back to Drew Barrymore’s Monique Lhuillier moment last week…NIGHT AND DAY. Morena just had a baby and looks so healthy and so happy and is just glowing 🙂   I’m loving the draping detail on the bodice.

Elizabeth Rohm


I have been patiently waiting for a Marchesa moment and I am so happy Elizabeth gave that to us!  She looks so lovely.  That dress just fits her so perfectly, and the color and the detail!  So dreamy.  So jealous 🙂

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco SweetingI just adore Kaley, and she looks gorgeous in this gown!

Kelly Osbourne 


Now, here is evidence that Zac Posen can dress a woman with curves!  I’m not sure why he can’t seem to translate this level of flattering to his dresses for Lena Dunham, but Kelly looks just lovely.

Julia Roberts


Damn!  Julia has balls to wear a jumpsuit to an awards show.  With all the champagne flowing, what happens if she has to pee????  Though I guess that could be said for any of these gowns.  The unsung heroes of the night are definitely the assistants charged with holding coture while the celebs tinkle…  anyway, the cut is just so flattering.  Julia looks just radiant 🙂

Malin Akerman 


I love Naeem Khan.  THIS is a red carpet moment.  Malin looks stunning.

Tiny Fey & her daughter


Tina was, for me, best dressed.  I loved her hair…it reminded me of the Italian-inspired Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.  This was her Grace Kelly moment, and she looked so sophisticated and so elegant.  And I love that her daughter rocked her own coordinating clutch.  So cute!


Jane Krakowski 

Jane-Krakowski-Roland-Mouret-SAG-2014Jane Krakowski looks AMAZING in emerald.  Love the hair, the jewels, the clutch, the general cut of the dress.  My only issue: the structure of the bust of this dress flattens her out, which is a shame since she has such an amazing shape.

Sofia Vegara


Sofia Vegara always looks amazing, and I love the Old Hollywood moment she’s having with styling.  That said, I feel like the dress plus the necklace is just a touch too much bling. They’re both such statement pieces, that it almost cheapens them to wear them together.  I feel like the dress should be in the spotlight or the jewels should be the focal point. Also, her dress really brings to mind Kate Beckinsale’s silver moment from the Golden Globes (the linear details, the structured top, the shape)…too soon for another similar silver moment.

Elisabeth Moss


I just wasn’t feeling this color on Elisabeth.  She looked SO AMAZING last week…it’s a great dress, I love that she’s trying for a red moment…it just isn’t the right hue for her. Maybe it’s the lipstick that just takes it a bit too far…I don’t know.

Laura Carmichael


Lady Edith just looks really pretty.  I love the dress (the color is great, the cut is flattering), BUT I don’t think it’s styled well.  The bracelet, the earrings, the shoes…not working for me.

Gretchen Mol


It took a few viewings of this dress to win me over…but I really like it.  She’s on the “almost” list because of the shoes.  With a stunning white number like that, I would have liked to see her in a bolder, brighter shoe.  Also, the sheer toe photographs kind of creepy…like her foot is one big toe. Gives me the willies.

Camila Avles 


Loved that color on her!  That said, the choice of a messy half-pony didn’t work for me.  I would have much rather she show off her gorgeous shoulders with an elegant updo.


Claire Danes


There is a lot going on here…and I wish Vionnet had edited a bit more when creating this gown.  Each element is gorgeous, but they don’t all quite work together.  Maybe if the nude was eliminated and another black panel was added in its place?  I don’t know.  It’s a lot and it’s not all working…which is a shame, because from the neck up, Claire looks lovely.

Cate Blanchett


Oh Cate Blanchett.  I am just not vibing her red carpet choices this season so far.  I love the color and the draping of this Givenchy dress…I’m just not digging the bright pink sequin detail.  For me, it just reads really juvenile, and she’s such a mature, talented actress…it just feels out of step with my image of her.  Not feeling it.

Sandra Bullock


Well, at least she’s moving up my list.  I love her hair and makeup, and the color is so flattering on her.  BUT when I see this dress from the bust down, she looks like she’s headed to 80’s prom.  The big bow, the length, the fabric…it looks like it belongs on one of my childhood Barbie dolls.  It’s better than her pink-and-blue-baby-hued nightmare last week…but still not reaching her potential.


Stuart Brazell


So, real talk:  I had no idea who the eff Stuart Brazell was, but this dress was so HIDEOUS I had to google her.  Several things:  this is the SAG awards, not junior prom in 1994.  This dress looks like it came right off the rack at Forever 21…not appropriate for the event, not flattering on her, and I’m sure will send her straight to the top of several Worst Dressed lists.

Natalie Dormer


WTF?  Are we just randomly tacking shit onto beautiful gowns and calling it fashion?  Because I’ve got an anti-slip rug mat and some thread and the know-how to open an Etsy shop if this is going to be a thing…this dress reads more “arts and crafts” or “first-year-fashion-student-at-community-college,” not high fashion.

Juliette Lewis

juliette-lewis-sag-awards-2014Juliette needs to reevaluate who she surrounds herself with, because whatever yes-men let her out in public dressed like this deserve to be fired…this fabric looks like a tacky duvet cover re-purposed.  Awful.

Kerry Washington

Kerry-Washington-custom-Prada-SAG-Awards-2014Oh man.  This crop top had me nervous!  Every time she raised her arm even a tick…the top has vents on the side!  Something about the way this ensemble came together just did not work for me.  It doesn’t fit well.  The top is an accident ready to happen.  Kerry normally looks beautiful, and I admire her courage opting for custom Prada (hell, I’m jealous custom Prada is even an option for her), but it was one of my least favorite looks from the carpet.

Mariah Carey


How is she even allowed to attend the SAG Awards after making Glitter?  Shouldn’t she be banned?  Anyway, this dress?  So not award show appropriate.  And the black fingerless leather gloves?  And FISHNETS??????  Seriously???? No.  Just NO.

Edie Falco

Edie Falco

Are those butterflies?  I didn’t know RAVE made gowns!

Your turn!  Who were your picks for best and worst dressed?  Let me know in the comments!


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