I’m in polar vortex survival mode…

I am getting so tired of wearing shoes made of rubber.  I am getting tired of wearing more than one pair of pants.  I am getting tired of my hat reviving the cowlicks I just spent 15 min styling into oblivion.  I am getting tired of dry hands and chapped lips and feet that are perpetually cold even though I’m wearing three pair of socks.  I am so over this polar vortex…

In the spirit of survival, here are a few things getting me through these FREEZING winter nights:

Polar-Vortex-Survival-Kit1.  Cold days call for a hot bath, and I love the detoxifying effect of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath ($10 for 8oz)

2.  I’m combating dry skin with a good serum.  I adore NUDE Skincare’s ProGenius Treatment Oil ($78 for 1oz @ Sephora)

3.  While soaking in the tub, I treat my tresses to Ojon’s Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus, a balm that, when you rub it between your palms, turns to an oil.  Apply to dry hair, leave on for 20 minutes (coincidentally, the suggested soak time for Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath) and rinse. ($33 for 3.1oz @ Sephora)

4. I refuse to leave home without hand cream and lip balm, and Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant has a cult following ($35 for the set @ Beauty.com)

5.  David Rio Tiger Spice Chai is the first thing I reach for after kicking the snow off my Hunter boots ($12)

6.  I also can’t leave the house without Kleenex, because apparently I have no control over my nasal fluids after the windchill drops below 0 ($3)

7.  My mom made me a gorgeous grey afghan last year with a pattern inspired by a fisherman’s sweater.  It has been keeping me SO WARM these past few weeks.  (pictured:  Aran Knit Afghan via Edna’s Closet on Etsy)

How are you keeping warm these days??? Let me know in the comments!




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