Hits and Misses from the Grammy Awards Red Carpet

What I love about the Grammy night is how much fun artists have with fashion.  Image is HUGE for so many music acts these days, and I always enjoy watching them take that image from the stage to the red carpet.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it absolutely does not.  And with the Grammys so close to the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes, I love to see how the major trends translate (or don’t) from one industry to another. The color of the night was absolutely Grammy gold, with many lovely ladies from Rita Ora to Chrissy Teigen to Ciara to Taylor Swift rocking metallic hues.  There were some fashion high-points (Queen Bey!), and some fashion low-points (Pharrell’s Smoky the Bear hat), so without further ado, here are my hits and misses from last night:




I am obsessed with Ciara in this Pucci gown.  She and Olivia Wilde are taking maternity glam to a whole new level.  She is just glowing and just looks so healthy and happy! Flawless!  She is HANDS DOWN the BEST DRESSED of the night, in my humble opinion.

Taylor Swift


Taylor is my runner-up for best dressed in this silver chainmail-esque Gucci gown.  I have yet to see Taylor take a misstep this red carpet season.  Brava, lady!  Also, I love how every time the camera catches her during a performance, she’s up and dancing, or chair dancing. (She was totally rocking out to Beyonce’s performance of Drunk in Love). She is just adorable.

Sarah Hyland


I have been really impressed with Sarah Hyland this award season.  She’s looked fresh, vibrant, youthful and always event-appropriate.  I have a major crush on her shoes, and am seriously digging her tousled updo with the red lip.

Amber Rose


This dress isn’t photographing as spectacularly as it looked on TV, but Amber Rose looked gorgeous in gold on the red carpet.   Love the cut, the fit and the sequin detail.

Rita Ora


This dress grew on me the more I saw it.  In some lights, it read green, in others more gold…just really edgy, really stylish, and really in-line with Rita Ora’s personality.  The fabric in this Lanvin gown reminds me of the material in Sandra Bullock’s Lanvin at the SAG Awards, but this dress just worked in a way Sandy’s didn’t, more due to the occasion than the dress itself.


56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

What can I say?  I dig a guy in a green velvet tux.


Chrissy Teigen


I LOVED this dress on Chrissy.  The cut, the color, the fabric, the fit.  All fabulous. I loved 98% of her hair as well.  The color, the cut, the beachy-waves…but her hair was braided in this weird way on one side.  I would have preferred to see it bobby-pinned in place to keep the side part as gorg as it was.  Yes, I’m being picky.

Colbie Calait


I LOVED her dress!  It was super high-fashion and the color looked exquisite on her.  And the back of the dress was STUNNING. That said: her hair looked like she did it herself.  With a dress with that level of detail at the top, her hair should have been sleek and simple.  There were all these braids, and pieces sticking out..it just looked sloppy and took away from the overall look.  She could have absolutely still rocked a high bun, but I would have preferred a sleeker, neater presentation.


Kacey Musgraves


Kacey looks lovely in Armani Prive and proves once and for all that fair hued ladies can rock a nude frock.  Her hair and make-up are stunning.  I love everything about this dress but the ruffled/layered skirt.  Personally, I’m not a fan of that style skirt.  That said, she looks beautiful overall.

Giuliana Rancic


Much more flattering than the previous two gowns she’s worn this month! I LOVED the black jumpsuit she wore on the pre-show, but also was feeling this vibrant Alex Perry gown she chose to rock for the red carpet. Step in the right direction…


56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

I love Pharrell.  I find him to be incredibly sexy and incredibly talented.  I normally dig his laid back style, but this hat says “only you can prevent forest fires” and is pretty out-of-step with his usual swagger.


Martina McBride


Martina looked fine.  The dress was flattering.  The color was safe. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong in David Meister. She looked lovely…it just didn’t WOW me.



Again, Pink looked fine, but this dress didn’t really do anything for me.  It was a safe choice, which surprised me coming from Pink..I was hoping she would take more of a risk.


Ariana Grande


Ariana looks sweet in Dolce and Gabbana, but this look skews way too young.  Apparently, she’s 20…I was about to comment about how age-appropriate her dress was, thinking she was 15 or something.  But she’s 20…I googled it.  I get that she’s part of that Disney set, but geez.  Also, shame on her stylist Taylor Jacobsen for allowing Ariana to wear her hair like that!  You could see her hair elastic, for crying out loud!  And those shoes?!?!?!?  They were pink satin.  They belong on a bridesmaid, not on a red carpet. And are those nylons????  Sigh…badly done, Taylor.  Badly done.



Madge looks like she walked out of a bullfighting ring and onto the red carpet.  And what’s with the grill?  After last week’s hashtag controversy, I’m not sure that was the smartest move. That said, her son David did look quite dapper…though her choice of him as date did come off a bit like PR strategy and not like mother-son bonding.

Katy Perry


Full disclosure:  I am probably one of the only women in America who is just not feeling Katy Perry as an artist.  I have a physical reaction when I hear her music…it just grates at my nerves.  Also, I don’t get her whole camp-glam image.  I think it reads juvenile and really trivializes her gorgeous voice.  Anyway, this Valentino gown…the hair…ugh.  Not feeling it.


Paris Hilton


So, I assume in lieu of a clutch, Paris has opted to store her keys/compact/lipstick/iPhone in her hair…that really is the only practical reason for having hair that big without being a 1980s country act.  And the dress? From the front, it looks positively geriatric.  But from the back? It looked like it belonged on a figure skater at the Sochi Olympics.

Sara Bareilles


Oh dear God…I like to call this look Bjork’s-Swan-Dress-post-unfortunate-run-in-with-a-Vitamix.  It looks sloppy…reminiscent of the inside of a down comforter…and the mermaid/Hunger Games hair isn’t helping. She is so gorgeous and so talented and she should absolutely fire whoever let her wear that monstrosity.

Paula Patton


I think this dress speaks for itself…

Kathy Griffin


Boo.  And she looked SO GOOD last week!  The pattern on this dress screams beach cover up or Chico’s clearance rack. Not a fan.

Your turn!  Did you catch the Grammys Red Carpet?  Who did you think was best dressed?  Who was worst dressed?  Let me know in the comments!


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