Interior Inspiration | Pillow Talk

One home decor tip I come across regularly on the design blogs suggests that a quick way to update a living room is to change the throw pillows. Yes, compared to buying, say, an entirely new couch and spending $1,000+, changing out my throw pillows sounds like a more realistic suggestion.  Except when I actually started pricing throw pillows.  How is it that I can buy a bed pillow for less than some throw pillow COVERS that don’t even include a pillow insert???  I mean, I’ve seen beautiful throw pillows for upwards of $150 a piece.  That’s a serious investment for a pillow.
Not willing to throw down serious dollars for an 18″ X 18″ envelope of fabric?  Totally understandable.  Thankfully, there are budget friendly options.  West Elm and Ikea sell pillow inserts for relatively cheap, and shops like Society6 sell the pillow covers for a reasonable $25-32.  Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite throw pillows at multiple price points:
7. Speckled Hair-on-Hide Pillow via Gilt Home Collection ($95)

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