REVIEW | Sugar Face Polish by Fresh

I have an expensive new addiction, and it comes in a porcelain jar.  Fancy, huh?


As you may remember, I once referred to this mask as the Rolls Royce of exfoliating treatments.  At $58 a jar, this is an investment treatment for sure…but in my humble opinion, worth every penny.

This mask does double duty:  it works not just as a gentle but effective exfoliant, but also as a burst of luxurious hydration.  It packs some pretty powerful ingredients:  the brown sugar exfoliates, vitamin C rich wild strawberries brighten and soothe skin, and the combination of plum seed oil and grapeseed oil provides nourishment and moisture.  It also smells fantastic, which is a definite plus with anything I need to leave on my face for an extended period of time.

Per the instructions, I use it at night every other day.  I use a quarter-sized amount and scrub my freshly-cleaned, still moist face, making sure to apply evenly.  After scrubbing, I leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, depending on how dry my skin has been feeling.  When I rinse, I give my face another gentle scrub…and I cannot understate how amazing my face feels as I rinse.  My skin, though temporarily a little red, it GLOWING and has taken on this velvety, smooth texture.  The oil as been absorbed by my skin, as opposed to sitting on the surface like I’ve experienced with other products.

Overall: I’ve noticed a huge difference with the texture and tone of my skin over time.  My pores are a bit smaller.  The tone and texture has improved. Absolutely worth the price.


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