REVIEW | Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Organic Toner

This past winter, I’m not sure what my skin would have looked like without my Rosewater Toner:


Used by women around the world since the beginning of time (approximately), rosewater has tons of benefits:

  • rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties
  • rosewater also has astringent properties, which opens and unclogs pores
  • rosewater helps your skin maintain its natural pH balance
  • rosewater also has antioxidant properties, which aids in cellular regeneration (which is why I use it at night)

The toner I’ve been using is Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water.  Not only is it 100% organic, the only ingredient is steam-distilled Rosa Damascena Flower Distillate.

This is actually my second go at rosewater toner.  The first I tried was by Boots Botanics, and I wasn’t impressed.  Though it smelled AMAZING, I found it to be drying and a bit irritating to my skin.  Then I looked at the ingredients and it contained alcohol.  Alcohol can actually be quite drying to skin (which defeats the purpose of using a toner to hydrate and refresh skin post cleansing). So I decided to try a rosewater toner that was JUST rosewater, and my skin rejoiced.

Overall:  Lovely.  Alteya’s version smells a bit sweeter and more concentrated than the Boots version, but is far more hydrating.  Packaging tends to vary, but  I picked up my 3.4oz bottle at Whole Food’s Whole Body for about $12.   An unanticipated bonus:  it pairs really well with my moisturizer, Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Oil-Free Lotion, which also contains Rosa Damascena Flower Water.



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