Focus on Fitness: Without Walls

Those of you who know me, or have had the misfortune of shopping for running shoes with me (ahem, Liz), know that I sometimes (read: almost always) prioritize fashion over function when it comes to my athletic gear.  Hey.  I know what motivates me to get my ass off the couch…and a cute pair of running pants or a kickass pair of kicks usually do the trick…which is why I was excited to discover Urban Outfitter’s new activewear brand Without Walls.  Available online and in select locations across the country, Without Walls offers a mix of UO’s own brand with athletic gear from industry standards such as Nike, Champion, Patagonia, and Reebok, just to name a few.  What drew me in was how playful and vibrant the clothes were, as well as practical.  Check out a few of my picks, or head on over to Without Walls to check out their entire collection:

Focus on Fitness: Without Walls


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