REVIEW | Delicate Jasmine Shower Oil by Sabon


I have a bit of a crush on Sabon‘s Delicate Jasmine Shower Oil for several reasons:

Reason the first:  It smells like I imagine Paris or Provence to smell in early spring.  From what I remember, neither place actually smelled like jasmine the April I visited, but in my imagination, it does.  So there.

Reason the second: This shower oil has a much different consistency than most shower oils, in that it operates more like a shower gel than a traditional oil.  It’s not runny, it doesn’t turn my shower floor into a slip-and-slide, and it lathers up nicely to deliver some serious moisture.

Reason the third: It’s not greasy.  I have a hard time with shower oils that don’t absorb and leave a thick film on me and my towels post-shower.  Sabon’s shower oil rinses cleanly but still leaves my skin hydrated.

Reason the fourth: It’s S.L.S. and paraben free.


I received this cute little pump bottle free with purchase, but the larger 500ml bottle is super fairly priced at $20. If you’re not a New Yorker (or live in the small handful of cities where they have stores), their products are available online.  Just a heads up: their website looks like it was designed by your grandmother (as does most of the products’ packaging), but they do provide samples with every order!

Overall:  the perfect shower oil for that funky winter to spring weather transition, when skin needs a little extra TLC.


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