REVIEW | Acure Exfoliating Body Wash


I have recently recommitted myself to taking care of myself. When I get busy and stressed, I tend to eat for convenience, mindlessly, and slam caffeine, mainly in the form of Coca-Cola.  No bueno.  So I’m detoxing.  Not some ascetic-level-Master-Cleanse-type detoxing.  I’m detoxing gradually.  I switched from Coca-Cola to green tea.  I’ve swapped out my morning bagel for a smoothie. And I’ve switched out my chemical-heavy body wash to a natural option.  Why?  A huge percentage of the chemicals that we put on our skin (like 60-70% from what I’ve read) go right into our bloodstream. There are some things I’m not yet willing to give up (umm, like deodorant that works!), but I am all about exploring natural brands for things like body wash, hand soap, body lotion, shampoo, etc.

I really like Acure’s Exfoliating Body Wash.  Along with this detox, I’ve also been recommitting myself to my yoga mat, so I wanted to try a body wash that reduces body breakouts, an unfortunate side-effect of sweating. It smells minty and amazing (it’s formulated with peppermint essential oil) and leaves my skin feeling tingly and fresh, which feels awesome both post-yoga and when I drag my sleepy-ass into the shower each morning.  It also contains lilac stem cells, which are shown to fight/reduce breakouts. Unlike a lot of anti-acne body washes, it isn’t drying!  It contains sea buckthorn, CoQ10, and Argan Oil, which are super hydrating. Can I get a “hell yes!”? HELL YES!!!  And on top of all that awesome, it’s vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, gluten free, contains no synthetic fragrance and is 100% biodegradable, which is better for the fish!

Next up:  cutting wayyyyy down on sugar and white flour…

Overall:  Definitely repurchasing.  I got my tube at Whole Foods’ Whole Body for about $10, but Spirit Beauty Lounge also carries Acure products.


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