REVIEW | Rahua Shampoo


A couple of weeks ago, I finally finished the massive 33 oz bottle of Aveda Madder Root Shampoo I’d been working on for about a year, and decided to switch things up.  I read a review of Rahua Shampoo on Genuine Glow and, since I’m in the process of “green-ing” my beauty routine, I opted to give it a try.  SO GLAD I did.

What makes Rahua rock?  Oils.  Lots and lots of oils.  Coconut oil is used as a gentle cleansing agent, which is great for my color treated hair. Rahua oil works to strengthen strands and stimulate the scalp. Quinoa promotes healing and moisture retention.  Then there’s the Palo Santo, which provides Rahua’s “signature scent.”  The smell definitely drifts into the realm of aromatherapy, but doesn’t linger in my hair.  It’s nice in the shower…I just don’t know that I’d want to smell it all day.

That said, my hair has never looked this glossy and has never felt so soft.  Regular shampoo dries my hair out, but when I use Rahua, I barely even need conditioner, which is HUGE considering how quickly I usually go through conditioner.  I use this every other day and alternate with a volumizing shampoo, since my hair is fairly fine, so when I finish this bottle, I’m thinking about trying the volumizing formula.

Overall:  Well worth the $32 price tag, especially if you have color-treated, dry or damaged hair.


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