Jaclyn Michelle hits the road | Petit Louis Bistro | Baltimore Week

The next time you are in Baltimore, do yourself a favor and book a table for brunch at Petit Louis Bistro.  Their location in Roland Park is très adorable, and their brunch offerings are out of this world!

What I loved…

THE FOOD: I felt like I was back in Paris.  Their breakfast take on the Croque Monsieur was so good! Instead of a baguette, they used a brioche bun dipped in egg. And the fries were to die for! Thin and fried to perfection!  I’ve also had their French Toast, which when we visited was served with a strawberry compote and crème fraiche. SO DECADENT!

THE SERVICE:  Our waiters were the perfect balance of attentive and absent.  I HATE trying to enjoy a meal and being constantly interrupted. Everyone we encountered was super knowledgable and made us feel like we were spending thousands of dollars (which we were not!).

THE AMBIANCE:  So cute!  They really do a good job of channeling a Parisian bistro, right down to the fixtures in the bathrooms.

THE PRICES: Incredibly reasonable. I know my sense of what constitutes reasonable has been drastically altered by living in New York, but with brunch entrees ranging from $10 for French Toast to $27 for steak, considering how DELICIOUS everything is, totally doable.



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