Beauty Product Junkie | Everything’s coming up roses!

Confession:  I am obsessed with everything rose-scented.  It’s fresh.  It’s feminine. And so classic!
I’m absolutely not alone in my obsession. In fact, roses have long been favored for their delicate fragrance. According to Diane Ackerman in her fascinating nonfiction book, A Natural History of the Senses,
“Few people have been as obsessed with roses as the ancient Romans. Roses were strewn at public ceremonies and banquets; rose water bubbled through the emperor’s fountains and the public baths surged with it; in public amphitheaters, crowds sat under sun awnings steeped in rose perfume; rose petals were used as pillow stuffings; people wore garlands of roses in their hair; they ate rose pudding; their medicines, love potions, and aphrodisiacs all contained roses…They created the holiday, Rosalia, to formally consummate their passion for the flower. At one banquet, Nero had silver pipes installed under each plate, so that guests could be spritzed with scent between courses. They could admire a ceiling painted to resemble the celestial heavens, which would open up and shower them in a continuous rain of perfume and flowers. At another, he spent the equivalent of $160,000 just on roses–and one of his guests smothered to death under a shower of rose petals.” (p. 36)
Ok…maybe to consider my love of roses an obsession was a bit of hyperbole on my part…now that obsession has been put in the proper context!  Since I’m no Nero, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite rose-scented products, including a few I’d love to try…
Everything's coming up roses!
1. Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose ($12 via Sephora)
2. Fresh Rose Floral Toner ($38 via Sephora)
3. Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel ($19.50 via Sephora)
4. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Rose Day Cream ($42.95 via
5. (MALIN+GOETZ) Absolute Rose Candle ($52 via
6. Jurlique Rose Love Balm ($8 via
8. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose ($22.50 via Sephora)
9. LUSH Rose Queen Bath Bomb ($5.25 via LUSH)
10. LUSH Softy Bath Bomb ($6.40 via LUSH)
14.  Fresh Rose Face Mask ($58 via Fresh)

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