Currently Coveting | a quiet country garden

I love a lot of things about New York living.  I love my tiny Astoria apartment.  I love how I’m a five minute walk from amazing water-boiled bagels at all times.  I love that I never have to cook if I don’t want to.   I love that over the course of a commute, I can hear languages spoken that I can’t even venture to identify. I love that I live in the birthplace of both Sesame Street and hip hop.  I love that I am a train ride away from both beaches and mountains. I love seeing our gorgeous skyline whenever I fly home.

One thing I do not love (besides my nutty neighbors) is my lack of personal outdoor space. This weekend, more than anything, I would have LOVED to have been able to curl up in a hammock in a quiet garden under a shady tree and read. We have plenty of green space in New York…we just have to share it…which means we can’t control how personal/quiet it is. One day, my dream is to have a little country cottage with a quiet English country garden…maybe with a green house, overflowing flower beds and some overly-pruned shrubbery?  Comme ça:

English Garden 2jpg

English Garden 14

English Garden 12

English Garden 3

English Garden 9

English Garden 5

English Garden 10

Greenhouse 2

English Garden 8

English Garden 4

English Garden 6


English Garden 13

**images via Pinterest


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