about jaclyn michelle


Hello hello!!  I’m Jaclyn Michelle. New Yorker by choice. Voracious reader. Aspiring dog-owner. Tea and literary fiction lover. Beauty product junkie and armchair fashionista. Elementary Literacy Curriculum Specialist for an educational publisher by day. Freelance photographer/blogger by night.

Among my nearest and dearest, I’m the designated opinion-giver for two things in general:

1)    book recommendations

2)    style advice

W/r/t reading: I am an unabashed lit snob.  I don’t read crap. Doesn’t interest me.  The terms “chick lit” and “beach read” make me cringe.  When I read, I want to get something out of it: I want to be challenged!  I want to be inspired!  I want to learn something new!  Wine and a Book is a place for me to share what I’ve been reading and all things interesting from the wide world of publishing, which I am blessed to be a part of by day. Also, in terms of my nerd-street-cred, I’m a member of the National Book Critics Circle, which is pretty darn cool.   Right now, I’m working my way through a healthy mix of the classics, up-and-coming releases, and recommendations from around the interwebs.  Feel free to send book recommendations my way!!  wineandabook (at) gmail (dot) com

W/r/t style: To say that I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie is absolutely a gross understatement.  My makeup “bag” is actually three full vanity drawers and I have a hard time walking past a Sephora without picking up a little something. (n.b. I am not a licensed cosmetologist, or a cosmologist for that matter, and know what I know through YEARS  of reading Vogue & Elle cover-to-cover each month, devouring beauty and style blogs like it’s my j-o-b, and good-old-fashioned trial and error).  I’m always trying new products, so it’s probably safe to think of me as your own personal beauty guinea pig!  I blog about the products I buy, use and love…or purchased and wasn’t that thrilled about (so you don’t waste your hard-earned dollars!). All opinions are my own, and fair warning, I’m pretty darn honest.  Also sarcastic.  Sometimes punny. Anyway, no one has given me anything for free to write about…yet.  But if/when they do, I will absolutely say so in the post.

In short, Wine and a Book is a place for the women who inspire me:  my friends who are dynamic and beautiful, both inside and out, and who are the embodiment of style and substance.


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