31 Days of Halloween | Horror Movie Spotlight | The Shrine

image via IMDB

image via IMDB

It’s no secret:  I’m a horror movie nut. I love a well-shot, well-plotted, well-developed flick.  I don’t mind gore, as long as it’s integral to the story.  I can even stand poorly written dialogue if the concept is compelling enough. This month, I’m profiling a film a day you may have never heard of.  Happy Halloween!

The Shrine (2010):  Carmen, a young journalist, feels as if she’s stumbled on the story of a lifetime.  She defies her boss’ orders and books a trip to Poland to investigate the disappearance of a local backpacker who was last seen in a remote region of the country.  With an intern and a photographer boyfriend in tow, they head to the village where he was last seen.  During the course of their investigation, they stumble upon some evasive/aggressive locals who seem to be stuck firmly in the 1800s, then come across a mysterious mist…and what lies in that mist will change their lives forever.  Dun, dun, duuhhhhnnnn!

Look forward to:  

  • mysterious villagers with a dark secret
  • creepy statues
  • a little girl who has seen too much
  • a religious sect with a vested interest in human sacrifice


What I appreciated about the piece: The M. Night Shyamalan-esque twist near the end turns the action on it’s head.  I didn’t see it coming, which given how many horror movies I’ve seen, is really something.

What didn’t work:

  • There are some continuity issues (bags are put down and forgotten; one character is a photographer who takes surprisingly few pictures…and his camera is in one of those bags that gets abandoned…along with, I’m presuming, his ID and passport…which is always encouraged in a foreign country???).
  • Also, how much English do these villagers speak?  Seems to be a random decision as to when they speak Polish and when they miraculously speak English.
  • Costumes were also inconsistent.  Sometimes the Polish characters look like extras in a period village, sometimes they look like they stumbled out of a country music concert. Took me out of the action a bit. The-Shrine-1

Home | Interior Inspiration | Black & White

At once bold and minimal, I find something so soothing about a black and white interior.  When limiting a room’s palette to two colors, pattern doesn’t become so overwhelming. Plus, there’s something both modern, but at the same time, timeless about that color combo.

Currently, I’m in the process of painting all my Malm Ikea furniture white.  My poor bookshelves are a bit beat up and could use a face lift, so they’re in the process of going from scratched up brown to glossy white. My hope is that, by keeping the core of my rooms neutral, I can have fun with art, my photography and decor, and change things up when I get bored, without worrying about everything matching.

Here are a few black and white inspirational images:

Black and White Interiors

Black and White Interiors 2

Black and White Interiors 3

Black and White Interiors 8

Black and White Interiors 9

Black and White Interiors 7

Black and White Interiors 4

Black and White Interiors 10

Black and White Interiors 6

**all images via Pinterest**


Currently Coveting | a quiet country garden

I love a lot of things about New York living.  I love my tiny Astoria apartment.  I love how I’m a five minute walk from amazing water-boiled bagels at all times.  I love that I never have to cook if I don’t want to.   I love that over the course of a commute, I can hear languages spoken that I can’t even venture to identify. I love that I live in the birthplace of both Sesame Street and hip hop.  I love that I am a train ride away from both beaches and mountains. I love seeing our gorgeous skyline whenever I fly home.

One thing I do not love (besides my nutty neighbors) is my lack of personal outdoor space. This weekend, more than anything, I would have LOVED to have been able to curl up in a hammock in a quiet garden under a shady tree and read. We have plenty of green space in New York…we just have to share it…which means we can’t control how personal/quiet it is. One day, my dream is to have a little country cottage with a quiet English country garden…maybe with a green house, overflowing flower beds and some overly-pruned shrubbery?  Comme ça:

English Garden 2jpg

English Garden 14

English Garden 12

English Garden 3

English Garden 9

English Garden 5

English Garden 10

Greenhouse 2

English Garden 8

English Garden 4

English Garden 6


English Garden 13

**images via Pinterest

The Lust List: June

A few things I’m lusting after this June…

The Lust List: June

1. Harvard Law…Just Kidding t-shirt via Thug Life ($25.95)

2. Pure Sugar Embroidered Eyelet Dress via Piperlime ($44.97)

3. Audrey Brooke Hylda Color Block Pump via DSW ($59.95)

4. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion via drugstore.com ($8.99)

5.  Adrienne Vittadini Gideon Bootie in Camel via DSW ($39.94)

6. Georgia Printed Silk Dress via Club Monaco ($198.50)

7. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Florale via Sephora ($74)

8. RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom via Anthropologie ($25)

9. Essie Nail Polish in Like Linen via beauty.com ($8.50)

10. Tata Harper Lip Treatment in Be Adored via Spirit Beauty Lounge ($28.00)

11. Moby Dick by Herman Melville via Barnes & Noble ($18.48)

12. Seafolly Boyleg Mailot via Anthropologie ($148)

13. Small Clear Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings via Zoetik ($16)

14. Soft Joie Josefina Cover Up via Piperlime ($125.99)

15. Lilka Weekend Romper via Anthropologie ($88)

16. End of the Earth: Voyages to Antarctica by Peter Mattheissen via Amazon ($13.18)

Going off the Registry | Fourteen Unique Baby Shower Gifts

For the past few years, it seems like every time I turn around, another friend is either getting married or adding to their family. I love being able to celebrate these milestones with the people that mean the most to me, and after getting a few showers under my belt, I’m feeling a bit more confident about shopping off the registry.  Here’s a roundup of fourteen super unique gifts that are sure to stand out at any shower and to tickle the parents to be:
Unique Baby Shower Gifts
1. Nirvana Smile black onesie ($17 on My Baby Rocks)
2. Penguin booties ($25 via Uncommon Goods)
3. Baby Shark slippers ($34 via Uncommon Goods)
4.  Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton ($3.99 at Barnes & Noble)  This was my FAVORITE book as a baby, and I find that all of Sandra Boynton’s books are just as adorable.
5.  Zara Mini Jacket with Toggles ($32.90 via Zara)  I LOVE Zara’s Mini collection.  Personally, I am not a fan of “baby” looking baby clothes (i.e. cartoon characters, garish patterns, frilly bloomers, etc), and Zara’s collection ensures that babies look like little adults…maybe I’m weird, but that speaks to me 🙂
6. Zara Striped Bermuda Shorts ($19.90 via Zara)
7. The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood ($6.29 via Barnes & Noble)  Because I guarantee you that someone else already bought them Goodnight Moon
8.  Jabberwocky: A BabyLit Nonsense Primer by Jennifer Adams ($8.99 via Barnes & Noble) Because it’s never too early to introduce baby to the classics…
9. Taxi Rattle ($18.00 via Uncommon Goods)
10. Boombox onesie ($15.99 via My Baby Rocks)
11. So my story begins onesie ($25 via Uncommon Goods)
12. Mustachifier ($10 via Uncommon Goods)
13. I Crawl the Line Johnny Cash onesie ($19.25 via My Baby Rocks)
14. Teach Your Baby to Sign: An Illustrated Guide to Simple Sign Language for Babies by Monica Beyer ($12.92 via Barnes & Noble)  My sister-in-law uses baby sign language with my niece, and it was AMAZING to watch Paisley to be able to sign to her that she wanted help or that she was sleepy before she could talk!  Some of the signs in this book are a little ridiculous (there’s a whole chapter on zoo animals), but I think that the basic idea of giving your baby tools to better communicate with mom and dad is pretty empowering for parents-to-be.

#tbt | Hampden & the Inner Harbor, Fall 2012 | Baltimore Week

In continuing to celebrate my hometown of Baltimore this week, here are a few of my favorite pics from a trip in the fall of 2012.  Enjoy!


























Why be less when you can B’more? | Baltimore Week

I had a chance to spend some time in Hampden, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Baltimore, over the weekend.  Amazing row homes on tree-lined streets, great restaurants, easy access to downtown and some of my favorite people in the world live there.  What’s not to love?

In honor of my hometown,  check out this gorgeous time lapse video of the city.  THOSE CLOUDS!!  The Domino Sugar sign!!  The Inner Harbor!!